A Compromise For Everyone.

Knight’s ultimate and evident thirst of contributing a jaw dropping thriller to the history of cinema, is admirable; he has attempted few other such genre concepts earlier too, his fascination over that one big moment won’t allows him to hover around some other genre. But admiration can get you only so far, for on terms of merit, it wouldn’t even qualify as a definite film, in its entirety. After that big horn blows and the curtain drops which Knights has clearly been excited about, the question of its existence starts raising up and piling up, what sounds like a mere discussion is fabricated into a provoking exotic thriller. I can understand the work that Knight poured into the storytelling, it is clearly visible, he has been mature about his secret, he doesn’t leave it till the last moment, he attempts to pin down a metaphorical satire of being- among all other possible being- a human.

He has made sure that before the scrutiny hits big on screen, there are enough elements spread around to have a firm grip over his audience and enough quirkiness to make you sit back on your sit. Clearly, using all his guns directed towards these aspects, he lost the practicality among the world or the conversation which let’s be honest film relies upon in its early stages. And not that these conversations are chalky but pretentious.

There is one thing to be aware of viewers’ expectation on contradicting or questioning the plot and another to voluntarily be blatant about it; too much of anything, especially this, will spoil it. Armed by a brilliant cast, the performance comes off to be the most disappointing experience of all. With none whatsoever commitment or conviction on portraying such edgy characters does any cast comes off even slightly appreciative. Personally, I am amazed by the performance, from both Hathaway and McConaughey.

If these incredibly talented artists has given us some of the best work of their career, they have also managed to give us the worst, without holding back, now this is a range not everyone can cover. Whispering with a smooth voice throughout the film, no matter how irrelevant, McConaughey can and does own that body languages, but Hathaway desperately trying to join in the club, fails so vigorously, that it aches you to go someone through this.

The other supporting cast like Lane, Clarke and Hounsou are mere pawn of a narration that acts accordingly, like a flat rigid chess pieces with no urge to express. What’s worse above all, is that we can clearly see what Knight was going for but how is it coming across like and him being not able to scoff off that difference is not at all affordable. Unfortunately, there is nothing to look back and pick out as even comparatively a better part of a film, no matter what we might think, soaking wet McConaughey doesn’t count as one. Is there any serenity in Serenity, yes, it will end after an hour and a half, as opposed to what it may feel like.

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