John Wick: Chapter 2

Another Brawling Job.

Stahelski’s second round of this everlasting boxing match delivers the insight of the mythological world that these criminals reside in. And with it comes rules, contracts, honor, betrayal and blood. Spilling out blood more than ever, this too much of everything still never R rates the screen with bloodbath, it owns that old clean palace and neat clothes that had made it appealing in the beginning. Amping up the charge on action, the accessories comes aplenty which makes fights more lethal and unlike the previous one, more justifiable. The long take action is well choreographed that isn’t just confined within oneself but uses the surrounding well enough to keep it more absorbing. The mirror sequence being well shot, personally, I still recommend the battle between Common and Reeves around the stairs.

Similar to previous there is humor every now and then between these fights but what’s catchy is that it is drawn from the so called awesomeness of the lead, every character, every guns, every conversation is directed towards him, the hype keeps rising along with our heartbeats. Stahelski’s world is always thirsty to know “how” would it be done rather than “who” would do it and being aware of the difference between these two, he makes sure there is still lot to look forward to despite of our host that remains constant.

It adds on new characters and it does it with such smoothness, that you feel their presence before they arrive, the narration has grown far better than the previous one, along with the execution, there will not be any questions raised this time, Stahelski is not going to repeat his mistake. His main armor being Reeves whose training is well paid off, the cowboy quickness, the God-like body language, ferocious pace in action and a tendency to speak very little.

These characteristics that Stahelski keep building deriving from every possible genre, paints a crystal clear picture of a protagonist in our head; Reeves has an easy job to do. The supporting cast falls short this time, although McShane and cameos like Fishburne balances the tone. Scamarcio; the antagonist neither has that uncertainty to scare his viewers nor rudeness to make it more terminal. Rose and Common decently handles the score with few good action sequences.

This installment of the franchise is faster and has a sense of urgency that keeps you at the brisk of your seats, especially its second half, being chased by the entire community, the chase scene never feels like a chase scene, he might be on run, but he never actually does. With a hint of a bit of The French Connection, the feud between Common and Reeves turns into a character itself, the stillness and the style, everything makes you root for them. The reason why it is loved by the fans immensely, is Stahelski’s knack of ending it on an unstable note, that gut wrenching finale, that last punch leaves the viewers wolfish for more. John Wick: Chapter 2 is accurately titled it is just another chapter of his life, for when the dust settle, not even a dime has changed.

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