John Wick

A Clear Polished Job.

Stahelski’s action trilogy is every fan boy’s wet dream. He clearly ought to be one of them to justify and glorify the characters like such on screen. His old productive textbook methods are testament to why it works and we nod so effervescently in his every possible scenario even though it raises questions every now and then. This people pleasing entertainment has one and only one reason to communicate it so thoroughly and its tendency to lean towards the mythological aspect of the characters. Despite of being dipped into a pragmatic mafia world, it makes sure that there is one key to every lock, one moon and one sun that shines over these surprisingly loyal and professional businessmen. On that note, the amiability of it to grasp that theme and beam us back to our childhood days, Stahelski is successful in his work.

In fact, personally, I feel the lead to be eerily similar to the comic character He-Man. He too has a pet animal and is incredibly feared by his enemies, something that Stahelski has got it right on the mark. The build up of his presence on a room or even a mention of his that makes others writhe on the spot, is so precious for this storytelling to move forward, that Stahelski has made its priority and with Reaves- a smart casting choice since he already has such a reputation- on the realm, he can sleep peacefully.

And yes, it is for every man himself, Reeves never turns off the switch, he oozes power, chic panache and flamboyancy in his body language to own the surrounding, the car, the gun and the hype. The entire movie hangs on a single moment, that it is built towards, a moment where finally Reeves accepts his fate and claims the title that everyone has been giving him- something that you would encounter in a mythology- and that of course because of brilliant execution is one of the best shot scene.

Stahelski coming from a stunt department, the action leaves you in an awe of it, from imputing humor and bedazzling moments in this gore visual galore of his, the camera work is purely stupendous. And this is probably the only reason why it aches you to encounter a disappointing final act, since the choreography is neither clean nor is it shot perfectly enough to give even a vague idea to map around one’s mind. The supporting characters are balanced and well bred, with antics that are derived from their equations, Dafoe, Palicki and Nyqvist stands out alone for their lethal-ness.

Stahelski’s theme resonates more like Goddard- the creator of Marvel’s Daredevil- than it does with Wachowski Brothers which is surprising since he came from that background. Another appealing aspect of it is the cleanliness, its huge neat production set and props that makes you want to pick up the gun and shoot out wild. John Wick is not pushing any boundary in cinematic world, it respects and accepts its place and delivers the best knockout there is.

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