23rd of August

Found this scrape of my diary, after my brother pointed it out- not even going to go there, a sibling, so born with a right to invade your privacy- and what it does is paint quite a picture to the ramblings that goes in one’s head; take this “about me” section, the depth of stupidity.

To send letters, you don’t only need letters, do you? I mean think about it, with all the texting and blogging right here. Where is that envelope? The ink pen? The stamp? Fuck all. Where is that guy? I asked my friend and he whinged about missing the future. He wished that he was of 25th or some century. I think its greed. It was until I thought of where I should have landed. We’ll draw a veil there. The question in here was not communication. We have that. Plethora of it. And maybe that is why we seek quality. Oxford is helping. Believe it or not, quantity is helping. Who would have thought of that? Podcast is helping. In fact, I think it is the most underrated thing. Sure, it too requires filters like any other would do. But you have such wide range. Choose it away. And I think it is the narrowness and the detailing to it. Generality is no generosity to mankind. It leaps over essential steps. We need more biographies to line up the World Wars. Aristotle quotes, “It is during our darkest moments that we focus to see the light.” And the first thing that went through my mind was not layered enough. No. The so-called helps that he notions to, didn’t make it till 21st Century? Nothing is limited. Honey, it’s on a discount. Well then eat away. K Y Jellies are organic*. No wonder we are running out of things. No wonder we are fighting about patents. Imagine that in the early ages. People fighting over the so-called higher power. Think about it. Everyone came up with it, didn’t they? Well, sure they had different names, methodology or whatnot. But the theme is eerily similar. Just imagine Big Boss over Big Bang. Annoyingly it is growing into a fact. Not even a fact. A postulate. You dare question it. My friend and I were talking and we came over the topic of One Night Stand; from that to this, just imagine the transcript. In fact, if someone wrote that conversation on the court, you know the ones that are typewriting things with a superficial and non-existent speed and then later when it was being read, the guy or girl would get fired. They all would be like, you missed out a whole chunk of something. Now he is against it and I suppose I do get that. He has had a same girlfriend since almost childhood. He deserves to moan about the current psycho-analysis of society (if there is one). I don’t want to get all political. Not that I can. I have very limited knowledge of it. When I say knowledge, I mean just random ramblings. And when I say limited, I mean none. But maybe, my friend had a point. Hypocrite of me to agree with him. But there is something poetic about his emotions. Love. They call it today, kids I tell you. Something ancient. Something that you don’t run into often these days. Which too, is a rare case. The last time I was in contact of human species was around two days ago. And that’s a lot. That’s a lot of sadness is what it is. But I see people disappointed and it makes me happy. Not that I am a sadistic guy. We’ll get into it, later. It’s just that they are sad or disappointed by being in contact with someone. Now, I too get depressed but at least I haven’t invested my time on someone else. I’ll sleep on that. To solace.

*they are not

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