Food For Thoughts.

Shi’s animated short film explores the gap between the subsequent generations and bridges it with the purest of human emotions. As much as intriguing; one might even argue a scary, the concept is, the familiarity of it makes the energy wear off quickly. With highly detailed routines involved in storytelling, that is a major part of both the beginning and the end, such animated features, especially Disney, has perpetually kept its scorecard on mark on such tiny things. The adorable animation, yes, not any other adjective but “adorable” comes to mind, when you first set your eyes on them. It is so rich in technical aspects that it captures the birthmarks and hairs so perfectly on screen that it makes you wonder of its existence.

Personally, I or in fact anyone would connect to the second act of the film. It explores the bittersweet moments between a child and a parent, from loving his parent unequivocally to questioning them after being seduced by the powers of the outside world. These are these moments that are to be projected within few minutes, that means only the highlights of the series of events are to be created and it had to be subtle enough to keep the quality uncompromised, these bits are dodgy and often where filmmakers loses their grasp over the track.

But Shi’s elaborative script keeps us tangled in her wise mature notions of suggesting the trajectory of the characters. Unfortunately, the only aspect where one might argue the tale weakens is the gist itself, the metaphorical cloak that it puts on and walks around throughout the film isn’t layered enough to push your boundaries. Bao is a well crafted acted, it’s major triumph is on swooping in all the steps of a kid’s life within few minutes, that is pinned down through a creative concept.

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