Beoning (Burning)

Running For A Lost Cause.

Lee’s illuminating thriller lights a havoc on the drama genre. From scene one, the slow pill is the best medicine one can aspire for such a shady tale, and Lee’s vision doesn’t go off track, even for a split second in this more than two hours of marathon. A perfectly balanced and properly constructed film, that balances characters’ perspective and the bones of the storyline on nothing but uncertainty. And it is that element of uncertainty in air, that keeps challenging us to think beyond our imaginations and the responsible driver is Lee armed with a meticulous script and brilliant execution. Probably only once they refer the word “metaphor” which doesn’t mean anything, for besides that, it is immensely layered and a mirror of the intentions and deep dark thoughts of these characters.

One might assume that after its first half, the film would drive towards the rudimentary investigation process, but Lee has some other plans for you, he has been building up the entire film for that last trick that leaves its viewers hanging without any clue. And this is where the film gets better, after it ends, it allows you to roll back all the tell tales and innuendos that was driving towards this destination, boy what a ride it is.

Aforementioned, the entire film is dipped into metaphor, Lee is not ready to reveal his secret till the last frame, he holds on to it like his dearest, which makes us hold onto this wider range allegory, never has a tale been so fluctuating and pulsating. From the shadow of a lighthouse to a cow, from well crafted rumors to a cat, it is a buoyant absorbing tale that tests you intellectually and spiritually. And walking that fine line, resides Lee’s true intentions of the tale, and as a character quotes once in the film, The Greater Hunger- the meaning of life.

Yoo, the protagonist, has pretty much a similar role to its audience, he too is trying to figure out and analyse the world around him, and fortunately he is at best at his depressive state rather than an overprotective one. Jun as the essential part of the mystery act, has plays an amazing role to cast the spell of hers enough to not let it wear off until the credits rolls. But the show stealer would always be Yeun, in his rich charismatic cloak.

With his stunning portrayal, and the substance of his characters that is most attracting than any others, his ideologies speaks much more than one anticipates. If its first act is spent upon building our protagonist, then the second one is depicting the eerie chemistry of this scary friendship, leaving us with a last act that is basically joining the dots. Hence, personally I prefer when Yeun invades Yoo and Jun’s life with a big pack of gusto. Burning burns more than you would think, in fact it leaves us with only ashes for us to investigate, and to survive from that has its own sweet results.

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