Rescue Dawn

Food For Thoughts.

Herzog’s surviving spirit may dwell on a rudimentary procedure but the time travelled in this tale is something to aspire from. It is a daunting task to drive an entire film on a single body and display the jump in time with behavior and body language. To his advantage, he has Bale on his side, who fiddles with his structure for a better storytelling every now and then to any extent. And boy does this film strains every possible muscle of his. The images chosen to capture the incompetency of these characters attempting to survive till the last breath, well, takes your breath away. One of the most inedible sequences are the lack of supply of food or the worst possible food given to them, from eating a live snake to filthy insects, it keeps getting worse.

But among all the emotionally fueled moments, the best of it would be when Bale is offered a bar of chocolate and he gets emotional by the idea of it. Another strong point of it, is the chemistry among the held prisoners which communicate thoroughly especially when they wish Bale “happy birthday”, these little notions is where the film scores majestically. Bale portraying a real persona makes sure he justifies the granted role with a compelling awe inducing performance.

The crackling laughter and the broad mellow smile, Bale’s version of survival is soothing to the eyes and has a heartwarming poignancy to it. Supporting him lies a decent cast like Zahn and other fellow companions where their three dimensional attributes makes it more pragmatic. More to it, the unfamiliar structure too keeps you engage in such a pathos world. Rescue Dawn may not be the apt escapism for the viewers but for the art that the performers suffers for, is worth exploring.

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