The Judge

Winning For Family.

Dobkin’s courtroom drama might be dull but the root of its family drama is worth going on stand for. And mind you, you’d be condemned guilty, but then you ought to have few of those guilty pleasure movies. The art-sy essence that it was created as, is the only form of art in here. The script is poorly weaved out. The big chuck of dramatic antics that it aspires to pitch in on the screen might be appreciative but its procedure to reach those big figures is purely dull. It is not polished properly or supervised with a good guidance for the material comes out often chalky that makes you uncomfortable on screen.

Fortunately for the makers, the tale relies a lot upon the performance and boy what a show these huge caliber of cast has put up for you. Downey Jr.’s complex sucker-for-a-compliment hardcore attitude holds your finger from the first frame and makes sure that this overstretched more than two hours of your life was worth going in for. And still, he is not the best thing of the feature, winning with a larger margin lies Duvall’s head spinning performance as his father whose rigid popular figure of his community is just impenetrable.

Both of these performers going head to head with plenty of dramatic sequences, one of the best one that gives both of them enough range and room to flaunt in their talent is “the bathroom sequence.” The scene itself is so beautifully written that it melts you down, factoring Downey Jr.’s daughter into an intimate moment between him and Duvall, the writers creates a few circle that draws in a precious smile in your face rather than few tears. The Judge is far from a perfect movie, even a good one, what it is, is a testament to the power that both these actors can ooze with panache.

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