Analyze This

Family Over Fear.

Ramis’s fired jokes are much more of a threat to the protagonist than the gun itself. Drawing out the most simplest concept of fear, the movie soars as much as it dives deep into this eerie relationship. Representing opposite side of the emotions, the chemistry between the lead cast is surprisingly good. Walking entirely on the arena of irony, this blatantly honest tale has all its conversation spoken with hesitation, whether it be then Crystal because of fear or De Niro for his narrow minded enclosed persona. Another major factor that elevates the effervescence of the plot is its ferocious pace and layered screenplay that is peeled on with light humor and caring nature.

And it is that caring nature of those characters that absorbs you into their hilarious sessions. The makers also uses the reputation of the cast wisely in order to squeeze out as much as laugh as they can, like the enactment of the infamous scene of The Godfather. There aren’t much gags to carry on, as it is kept to the point, but the sort-of-assistants of De Niro when are ordered to recruit Crystal is a gag that stays similar and still works throughout the course.

De Niro can also be a comic player with brilliant comic timing. Not every actor can pull of such roles especially when their teeth are sink in, on drama like such. But De Niro is still able to challenge his opponent Crystal, though he is no match in front of him. Frankly, Crystal has got an upper hand on this tale, his character evolves much more than any other with three dimensional perspective and cut throat sarcasm, he steals the show; especially the last speech. Analyze This surfs more on a merryland and the makers make sure you have got no right to object that.

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