How Green Was My Valley

Ford’s family drama is a force majeure that resists and binds their relationship with aces.

Ford’s family drama is a force majeure that resists and binds their relationship with aces. And these aces aren’t just drawn from the uncertainty and discreteness of the script. This wallop of drama is justified to the core. It lops off any whatsoever commercial aspect of cinema and still remains crispy on the surface and husky to the core. Brimmed with three dimensional characters whose perspective aren’t just kept on the table but factors majorly on the trajectory of the storyline, the tracks never overlaps with each others with buoyant gripping screenplay that keeps giving back. Llewellyn’s novel is adapted by Dunne who has kept the heart and the spark of the family alive in his narration.

This is not your usual family drama that mourns the mistakes or bends the rules or plead for amendment, it is gut wrenching honest relationship between the subsequent generations holding on to their ideologies. And with an inevitable antagonist such as the coal mine which is essentially a part of evolution of the village. Hence, binding such major change on the lifestyle and the mob mentality, it squeezes out the best of drama once and for all. The performance of the cast speaks within first few minutes of the feature.

The dinner table conversations, bickerings and drifting apart for the ego, the exhilaration and the chills does communicate through it. Crisp and Allgood as the root and the head of the family aptly fabricates the genre into a much more grounded persona. The younger cast too has hold onto their performance decently and are convincing for the most part of it. How Green Was My Valley is not only one of the best titled tale but also soars above all in its genre for its nature to keep rejuvenating the old thoughts.

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