Around The World In 80 Days

Around The World In 80 Days packs your bag and tucks you in for a slow yet effective ride.

Anderson’s journey lasting for 80 days, is as hectic as such instantly planned out tour often is. And blatantly going for the sun, the feature is surprisingly stable and gripping in its tone. The concept is much higher and so is the genre and the track it chooses to grasp, and even though it falls short handed at times, it is arguably competent in its gullible nature. The movie is also very celebratory. It sincerely respects the various rich culture of different ethnicities that it explores through and manages to squeeze out as much as good as it can.

The concept demands the narration to be in different parts or you may call it stops. And as the location changes and the movie ticks for around three hours, it gets impossible to not wander off this heroic tale. The world that this journey resides in, endorses society at its best, it culminates the good and bad, eventually helping the characters that are often and not clueless about themselves. It is less inspiring more hopeful. The production of the movie did go into a lot of trouble and it does pay off especially on such a large scale.

This higher concept tale is fueled with its irony that is induced in it, which is the most cinematic aspect of it. And that is to draw out or create an arc of the character from initiating to a ludicrous luxurious place and pin it down to the necessity section; a bravura of work in writing such a sharp concept. The performance is decently handled if not anything extraordinary, but then again, the script doesn’t offer the cast, that amount of range to factor in. Around The World In 80 Days packs your bag and tucks you in for a slow yet effective ride.

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