The Water Horse

it never can foliate into a storyline..


Russell’s petty attempt to make you care for an innocent creature grows on you, if you reach out for the material that it never can foliate into a storyline. The metaphor that it circles upto at the end of the line is undeniably fascinating but that is all King-Smith whose novel, The Water Horse from which it is adapted. As far as the execution is concerned, Russell fumbles a lot and isn’t convincing enough to make us fall into this magical tale. His tactics that he uses to depict the relationship of the creature with each character is never the issue, it’s those pawns on the plot that dresses up as a soldier and doesn’t act like one, they are the real threat.

They are unfortunately not taken seriously. And as far as the gags that builds up the bond between the creature and the protagonist too, at times is taken afar, especially all the scenes with the dog. The characters aren’t expressive either, their tone is unstable and dull, either their maturity and subtlety surprises you or the loudness, there is no balance. It has few good husky bits that keeps you hooked, like the Morrissey’s evolved character, Chaplin’s uncertain past and Water Horse’s mythological tale. Watson is the only stunning performer in this cast.

Her stereotypical overprotective nature welcomes you into this house with ease. Chaplin and Morrissey fails to deliver like required and the young cast holds on to their part decently if not anything extraordinary. The visual effects could have been a lot better along with the editing and logistics that raises the question against the story and not with. The Water Horse is an essential movie that is apt for the political situation that represents society but frankly this material is piled upon the hoax of commercialism.

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