Wall Street

to dive into this professional building..


Stone’s mean corporate world is unfortunately way too mechanical for it to be cinematic. But within these mundane textbook formula, he does manage to install tiny bits of delightful packets for us to enjoy. These are the bits that survives upon performance. It isn’t independently a good movie. It relies a lot upon other factor, which often or not, aren’t in its favor. And then, to fill in that void grows impossible even by a skillful filmmaker like Stone. It cannot be completely crafty. It does and ought to be commercial; the script is weaved out accordingly. Wieser and Stone, the writers, fails to keep the crisp alive. It isn’t complex as the writers think.

In fact, the structure of the script is something that we have seen earlier too. But the only thing that makes it stand alone, is its characters. The characters are immensely intriguing and are three dimensional. The perspective may stay on a single point, but the way the makers fiddle with the characters is what helps them keeps the audience tangled in its world. The performance is the soul reason why is it worth to dive into this professional building.

And holding the crown at the center of the stage, Douglas is at his best in here. His monologues, speeches, ideologies and the way he looks at the black and white’s of the world; every tiny aspect of it is appealing. His body language and dialogue delivery is what amps up this electrifying tale to a whole new level. Sheen has a parallel role to fill in, but he fails to live up to the power that Douglas oozes in front of him on the screen. Wall Street is a one way street, it doesn’t care for the outcome of its methods, similar to its character, unfortunately the repercussions are catastrophic and inevitable.

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