The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

is surprisingly a heartbreaking tale..


Anderson’s, probably, the first asymmetric and a bit “street” world runs on pathos ideology and is surprisingly a heartbreaking tale. It doesn’t suggest in any way that it isn’t funny. The awkward silent pitches are more hilarious than the conversations itself. As always Anderson dives into the details like no other, he informs you everything about everyone, from characteristics of the characters to the geographic tour that he is about to take through the entire feature, from the mood set in an environment to what the characters are thinking, everything favors in on his side. With plethora of characters at helm, he charges at you from the first frame with complete awareness and control over them. Despite of having these many characters, their sub-plots are still eerily fresh and ironical to the core.

Anderson is unflinchingly delivering smart and competent storytelling along with Baumbach, his co-writer. The screenplay is gripping and adaptive with a layered thought-provoking metaphorical concept residing amidst all one-liners. None of the gags in here are sketchy, the makers aren’t trying too hard to draw out a chuckle from the viewers. Murray on the throne, is firm and convincing, no matter what his character might suggest, he cracks you up and he melt you down, his range is too wide to fit in the frame. Wilson in his parallel role is hilarious and eerily calm, as he always is.

Blanchett on the other hand, seems like is underused, still she is aptly on mark. Goldblum and Gambon aren’t that impressive in here, they fail to cast their anticipated spell. Fortunately, the real game changer is Dafoe, he is flat out charming in his role. He is comfortable, he makes you comfortable, his emotionally driven character is perfectly filled in by him. His sub-plot is the strongest among all. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is the least Anderson movie, and yet scream his presence on screen from head to toe.

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