Scent Of A Woman

grows like a family..


Brest’s big wallop of drama is a triumph on the exploration of a single relationship that is weaved out with such eerie ingredients, that it doesn’t some fictitious at all. This is an elaborated script and not a stretchy one, it knows the difference between two. Ticking for more than two and a half hours, it is a delight to watch it reach its destination. By the time it hits the last act, these two characters grows like a family to you. And just like them, they are flawed, morally challenged, emotionally driven and more human than any other.

The structure of the script is your typical textbook one, even the process too is rudimentary but the journey is what sweetens the last victory. Brest is looking for glorifying tiny moments between the transition of the sequences and this is where he sweeps away the charm. Whether then be it to test drive a car or enjoy a dinner or stage a dance, his awareness and tactics of keeping the audience tangled in this aftermath bubble is sensational. The story itself follows like an epilogue of these characters and despite of being pathos, its evolution of growing out to be hopeful, is the actual trump card of the makers.

Speaking of which, Pacino the real gem of the feature is a force to be reckoned with. His eyes, his dialogue delivery, his body language, his ho-ah, everything redefines acting. His performance alone has the potential to pull off this tale with fluidity. Supporting him on a parallel role O’Donnell is decent if not anything extraordinary. Brest never lets the emotions dry out, he keeps them on the surface and the audience on the edge of the seat through his brilliant execution skills. Scent Of A Woman manages to capture all your senses and keep it drawn towards the storytelling.

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