Days of Thunder

a big chunk of mess..

Scott’s race track leads to nothing but a brutal accident that is occurred because of the driver itself. It had a linear lane to follow and yet it still somehow managed to go off the track for the most part of the feature. It is a misconceived act. This is a big chunk of mess. And it’s not that it couldn’t have been repaired, it’s just that the storyline itself was dull enough to rot out the emotions, it never had the chance. Despite of being an exhilarating and nail biting sport, the feature isn’t cinematic at all. The chills and thrills that you hope that you are about to receive, even that too is in shortage.

It is eerily shot with confused amateur cheesy camera work that looks like a cheap television movie that wasn’t funded properly. As far as narration is concerned, it is poorly crafted and loosely constructed for it to stand on any whatsoever ground. On terms of performance, the actors aren’t given that much room and the ones that are given, aren’t sensible enough for them to be convincing. Cruise that as usual loves to be on the driver’s seat, this time feels weak since he isn’t focused on his own track. The supporting cast like Kidman, Duvall and Rooker, too fails miserably on holding on to their characters.

Daft editing and Towne’s benign and questionable screenplay works like anchor and undermines the somewhat decent, even though familiar, concept. Scott’s execution also deserve to be put on stand in here, his fatal attempts of delivering a highly pitched dramatic concept seems obvious since he fails to shot even a normal conversation, it is inedible and uncomfortable. Days Of Thunder is long, hard and hectic days, these are the days that not only audience wishes it to go away, but by the end, makers and actors too are on the same boat.

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