Larry Crowne

rotten from the core..


Hanks’s rom-com berries dipped more in your typical textbook formula than simplicity, is unfortunately rotten from the core. This is a case of utter misconception. It is conceived with such non-lucid supervision that it scatters before even it stands on its own ground. This romantic tale lacks every bit of freshness and electricity that is actually essential to at least fuel for a head start. It is a complete mess from top to bottom. And as far as humor is concerned, it barely draws out a chuckle from the audience. The sketchy sequences, your usual gags, illogical comments and the aftermath of those one-liners, everything fails so miserably in here that you start questioning its existence.

What it does succeed on, is keeping a straight smile on your face throughout the course of the feature. And the credit goes to the beloved stars and their charm that we have been encountering over the years. Hanks chooses style over substance and he regrets it, he has to. As far as performance is concerned, Hanks and Roberts in the lead are giving their all in, but unfortunately it has so sloppy writing, that it is hard to create an impact through mere performance. The characters are one-dimensional and daft at times, and these are just the primary ones, the supporting ones are pawns from head to toe.

Their allotted characteristics that they hold on to, is not only predictable but dull too. The conversations are cheesy and are brimmed with corny lines that may not even work for the couples going out on a date for the movie. Armed with benign script, Hanks’s execution is comparatively appreciative if nothing outstanding. Larry Crowne is accurately titled, on terms of the incorrect spelling that it contains; it does seem like a big mistake.

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