Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

every lyric of it..


Sandler’s long awaiting stand up is worth the wait, every second of it, every word of it, and every lyric of it. This is “Sandman”, as he calls himself, at his best. Similar to his movies, it doesn’t consist of few big chunks of tales. It is brimmed with goofy jokes that has the range from being childish to a filthy one. But in its own uproarious stage act, it is a triumph on all levels. His thirst, his euphoric energy, and him enjoying himself on each punchline, everything works on his favor. It never seems calculative, he goes with the flow, probably that’s part of the act, but as far as audience is concerned, they are having a time of their life by mocking around the innocence of it.

Sandler’s everlasting dream of being a musician is crystal clear in here. And he has squeezed out all his fantasies to the last drop. From a rap song, to your good old country music, surprisingly Sandler’s musical bits are the strength of the show that cannot be penetrated by any whatsoever joke. He is lethal when he is singing. His songs are, contrary to popular belief, adaptive, layered and thoroughly competent. They are flat out hilarious. They make you cry. They make you fall in love with him all over again. His specificity on each lyric that is fueled by observational comedy, tears down the roof.

As he claims his age at a certain point on the show, going 51 and strong, Sandler’s experience up till now, from Saturday Night Live to the last animated movie, is explored in here. It has its weak moments to. He does take few thing far away. It can get dirty and cheap at times which is clearly not for everyone, especially all the animation and stuff; that is where they should have drawn the line. He mocks himself, his family, his work and his reputation, and he does it with such finesse that you genuinely feel that it is accurately titled, Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh.

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