Office Space

tons of mutual things to connect with the audience..


Judge’s mockery on the mundane life is frankly not that funny as he might think. It is loosely placed and poorly edited with awkward silences in mid sequences that just doesn’t fit. The concept is something to ponder about but beyond that it barely moves forward on terms of storytelling. And as far as the irritation and the frustration that it has to communicate, it does that easily and smoothly and the primary reason to that is that there are tons of mutual things to connect with the audience. And since it practically depicts, your mundane life and mocks over it, there are tiny notions and typical sketchy gags that you can thoroughly enjoy.

The narration is sloppy and not at all gripping, it has a lot to say but it probably found itself obliged to draw a laugh out of each scene that resulted into a big misconceived misconception about corporate world. Livingston isn’t hilarious, his eyes doesn’t speak the laziness that its character demands and neither is Aniston in her A game on supporting him. The other cast holds on to their one-dimensional acts and draws out few chuckles every now and then. It doesn’t take itself seriously in its initial stages and when it wants you to take things seriously in the final act, it gets kind of difficult to shift the tone.

Judge has the heart in the right place and that enthusiasm is what fuels this somewhat dim witted script and makes it worth the while. The conversations are pragmatic but the execution of it could have been a lot better. Judge feels vulnerable behind the screen and you can practically see him sweat, there is no ease in storytelling, it makes you uncomfortable at times. Office Space has a good satirical message to convey to its audience, buy personally I prefer the meal perfectly cooked and not just contain mouthwatering ingredients.

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