makes you sweat and even bleed..


Carpenter’s psycho thriller is a festive of nothing but purely gripping screenplay that is weaved in for the screen and utterly utilizes its frame for the chills and thrills. Unless any other horror picture, it doesn’t rely upon art designing gore, loud sound effects and manipulative screams, but takes the ticking clock that is slow yet effective to the core. And it’s that ticking clock, that makes you care for the characters that revolves around this tensed bubble that makes you sweat and even bleed. It is quick as a snap and lethal as its weapon, it hits hard and fast that leaves you in an awe of it.

The narration isn’t that layered, but is surely adaptive and gripping in its simplicity where its linear script is an advantage as it always is, that helps reap the essential crisp and sincerity of the horror that it hopes to impute within the viewers. Carpenter and Hill’s screenplay is just like any good recipe, it is created from home made ingredients which is what helps makers connect with the viewers instantly. Curtis may not be a revelation but she is definitely convincing in her stereotypical role that is offered to her in here.

And yes, it’s a scream, it’s a cry for help and it is all basically escaping with few close calls, but all of it’s of good quality in here. There aren’t much verbal sparring but when there is one, it is pragmatic and equally nail biting as the breathing sound of the antagonist and all the physical sequences. It isn’t scary as much as it accounts for. It definitely is a story worth listening or a case worth listening to. Halloween is Carpenter’s romance to the thriller genre, it’s not worth sliding by nor is it redefining.

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