Sorry To Bother You

circles up that current moment with a certified meaning..


Riley’s debut major motion picture mocks over the society with such humor and panache that you are laughing equally as much as you are moved by it. It is a flood of every bit of long lasting emotions that he aspired to fill in, into a metaphorical tale. This blatant venture of an incoming and outgoing psychology of the current society gets the busyness of the lifestyle aptly on screen. It is so busy that you might feel hectic and nauseated to get into it.

The exaggeration of making a point loud and clear may not work for everyone here. It undoubtedly takes few things too far, but Riley’s grip on his sharp vision never loses this tale even though it fumbles. The disturbingly murky world created by him is much more scary than it accounts for, it may take things lightly but you better not. And the primary reason to that is, how it makes our usual worries and care for the world so little that it gives you the chill of abyss-ness.

It is a well thought out script, each tiny notion projected in here may or may not be a major factor in latter stages but surely circles up that current moment with a certified meaning. It is also flat out hilarious with your typical gags of repetitive pointlessness and difference of opinions and aforementioned, the exaggeration. It puts you right in the spot when it wishes to tickle you and pulls you back right when it wants you to take things seriously. The frame of references used are also at times out of this pathos world, like Glover quoting, “I’m too old for this s***.”

The pace also helps a lot on boosting off the tale along with its less than two hours of runtime, it doesn’t take its concept for granted. The cameos, the rules, the pop culture, the mob mentality and the thirst for climbing up through every pros and cons, everything basically drools the knack for keeping it slick and attractive for the younger audience. But it still doesn’t suggest that it is a tale for one, it is equally complex as much as simple the storytelling is. The protagonist soaring higher and higher with a graph that is always off the charts, it is a very busy feature similar to the job he does.

And filling such shoes, is Stanfield that is funny and wounded at the same time, he makes use of that clock as much as he can, the camera has to be attentive to him because he is to it. Thompson as a voice of reason, is convincing along with Yeun as a competitor and Hammer as a sinister leader trying to change the law of nature and control the world surrounding him, has done a decent work. Armed with a gripping and layered narration, Riley’s execution is brilliant considering, he is a debutant. Sorry To Bother You may bother you but after analysing it, you’d want to be bothered by it once again.

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