isn’t zazzy as its sharp music..


Condon’s lazy musical drama might contain genuine husky moments but it surely isn’t zazzy as its sharp music. Speaking of which, not all the songs are catchy or valuable enough to leave you bewildered but there are few that makes you tap your feet on the seat. The nature of fame and successful careers that it depicts through surfing the time zone, isn’t as impactful as it was anticipated. But the drama in between these shots or sequences that builds up the gut-wrenching turns of the trajectory is what the entire feature thrives upon. Foxx can and does scare you with the viscous power that he oozes upon his supporting characters. But the surprising package that explodes on the screen is Hudson and her wider range performance that does make you groove and leave you shook.

Murphy’s eye is often on stealing the moment which he does so easily with a sensational performance. The narration is basically a extraction of the first chapter from the textbook, all the plans and its execution is merely a rookie step. Either the writers were afraid to go bold or an attempt to make something simple and sensible didn’t go as planned. And this is where Condon comes in, his execution should have elevated and instead keep things flat, even at its peak the feature wanders on mediocrity lane.

The musical sequences through which it demands your attention is actually the hard work of the actors that are giving their all in, in their portrayals. Condon’s way of making a truce with the crispiest bit of the feature, is what makes the feature more forgettable; it is definitely good, but it can easily be piled upon by its competition. Dreamgirls has a structure that calculates its steps wisely, it is professional but it can be boring too.

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