The Score

may not sore perpetually..


The Score is a plot driven crime thriller about a heist that bonds in two major players of this game, one is about to retire and one is much younger in this chase. It gets few sequences correctly and even though the incongruent and loud background score tugs out the heat from the soul, the effort is always plausible.

Addition to that, what it does get right, are the steps of the structure that it takes, it is sensible and is calculative to all the possibilities, hence that allows it to dig deep and get into a detailed analysis of a simple heist. Now just like the mission projected in feature, another problem bounces back for the makers, amidst all these carefully formed husky material, there lies very thin crisp for it to offer the cinematic experience to the viewers.

As mentioned earlier, the background score isn’t impressive, the cinematography isn’t creative and neither is something extraordinary in its editing; it’s a mediocrity lane. De Niro’s act is more reserved and buried under the hatch of the so called experience for it to be expressive enough and on the other side Norton gets quite a wide range to fill it in and he does it convincingly.

Oz’s execution might be old school but it works, if it’s ought to be slow then let it be slow since the script is gripping enough to keep the audience invested in it. The narration is lucrative and adaptive with surprisingly not of vivid nature that costs the makers a great deal in its latter stages. The actual mission that undergoes various variations is what makes it stand alone than your usual crime genre.

The Score may not sore perpetually but its pragmatic dose of thrills that it keeps hitting on our face makes it a challenging score if not the winning one.

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