Seven Pounds

fabrication is pointless and inessential to the gist itself..

Seven Pounds is a character driven drama about a guy aspiring to help seven strangers, finds himself stuck in his past. Such premise that divides itself into various acts often falls apart vigorously and if taken care with such mannerism, it almost questions its existence as it fails to stand on its self-created weak surface.

This is a typical style over substance case, and unfortunately its style is to take things slowly and reminiscence in its pathos ideology with an artsy camera work to make it look more valuable. The last thing that this feature needed is the first and the foremost things that shucks away its credibility and it is the flawed script that makes less and less sense as it ages, since it skips few steps while mending the sequences.

The background score is decently scored, the cinematography is daft, the editing is amatuer and the camera work is redundantly busy and handled manually in order to give the personal touch to the viewers. Smith is the only reason to survive this blunder, his looks are impactful and his eyes convey poems but even a performance like such could never save this sinking ship.

This ill formed structure is equally to be blamed as the premise where the heart may be at the right place but that is never enough to attain a closure out of all these hokum formulas. The narration by Nieporte is unappealing and incongruent to its tone, to a point that even Muccino’s execution couldn’t save this forsaken and untouched land that this tale resides on. It overcooks its potential substance and overrides the emotions until it grows numb, its fabrication is pointless and inessential to the gist itself.

Seven Pounds costs more than that it accounts for, to the makers, actors and the viewers.

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