All The King’s Men

the familiarity is fascinating..


All The King’s Men is a character driven political drama about a politician that is ready to twist the law and mend the rules in order to reach his goal.

The premise like such doesn’t come often and what is so rare about it is the investment by each member that factored in effectively to tell an unflinching and honest tale that is bitter to the core yet utterly satisfying. The cinematography and camera work is stunning and captures some mesmerizing sequences especially the theme of it that blends in a near distant view and the one that can reach the horizon, something that speaks metaphorically in here.

The background score isn’t that impressive but is edited well and is finely detailed. Crawford’s performance is something that stands out alone and can easily be filtered amidst this busy yet competent tale and if there is anyone that can and does dare to compete him, it’s McCambridge’s complex portrayal that has the potential to stare in his powerful eyes.

The typical mob mentality is what fuels this theme of the feature throughout its two hours, where somehow the familiarity is fascinating. The adaptation is adaptive, gripping and layered with thought provoking policies that are conveyed through debates and arguments where both the coins have smarter and mature response to the other, no matter how dark.

Armed with a jagged script and a persona like Crawford on his pocket, Rossen amps up his execution skills where his vision soars crystal clear voice. The inner politics that flips like a coin with power in one hand and responsibility on other, it tugs out all the debauchery and shows us the mirror that may be inedible but is surely essential.

All The King’s Men is an act of tenancy dipped under political satire and served through a mature and sensible approach.

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