A Simple Favor

to walk that thin line between sinister ideology and sketchy sequences..


A Simple Favor is a plot driven dark comic thriller about two newly befriended eerie mothers through their kids, whose chemistry results into explosion of cheats and tricks and even death. The chemistry is off the hook, it is almost like a dream team waiting to be allotted in a project, Kendrick and Lively are electrifying whenever they are on screen, they are funny and equally scary.

This deeply sinister genre fuels on nothing but perspective, with a twisted mind set, it not only sets all the chess pieces accordingly, but draws in the most unexpected cards under its sleeves with justification and of course slick panache that makes you nod, in its self-created web of lies, on beat. Somehow, the combination of music and references to all the recipes goes well, Kendrick has the range to act like a typical overprotecting mom and obviously to rap with a mic-drop attitude that she has been carrying since Pitch Perfect.

If actually taken into consideration, she sticks by on each frame of the feature and pulls it off all on her shoulder without even flinching for a split second. She learns fast, she takes time, she argues on petty thing and she cracks lame jokes, Kendrick is in her A game and this time she has got this three dimensional character that she is drunk on. On the other hand, Lively feels shadowed in Kendrick’s footsteps, no matter how much power her character must possess, she somehow never feels the one in charge.

The conversations are pragmatic, even the murmurings and tiny notions creates an everlasting impression, especially in its initial stages. The narration often surfs through various periods and is almost busy in itself to wait and breathe it all in, and this is where Feig comes in, his finesse on weaving out a nail-biting confrontation or close calls amps up this somewhat scattered script.

Fieg has always had the potential to walk that thin line between sinister ideology and sketchy sequences, and this time he is armed with too much content to handle. His actual job in here is to extract all the crispy material and offer it a more personal touch to connect with the viewers, and he has brimmed the entire feature with such husky bits. The songs are up beating, the sound editing is impressive if not the background score, the cinematography is decent along with the editing and has calm and soothing camera work with stunning bright visuals.

The narrative is gripping, adaptive and can be inedible at times, but the correct advice would be to nod along since most of the skipped steps are later closed in by accounting it into a circle. The tightly packed screenplay that keeps enfolding newer perspective and revealing and appealing characters as it ages on screen, Kendrick at the heart of it whose range never disappoints us and, Feig’s long lasting passion whose euphoric energy never wears off in any frame, are the high points of the feature.

A Simple Favor is neither simple nor a favor, it is convoluted to the core and a generous gift by Feig to these genre lovers.

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