what they were looking for..


Valkyrie is a plot driven political thriller about a bunch of conspirators that attempts to take down Hitler’s reign by igniting a civil war.

The most anticipated duo i.e. Singer and McQuarrie, are back and have lots of expectations to fill, which is left untouched in here let along offer the material as good as the previous one. It is an odd and uneven tale that neither justifies its dramatic aspect, nor the thrills that it offers to ride.

Having said that, there are few tiny notions installed in sequences that are mesmerizing and offers hope to the audience for the tale to still elevate especially the whole “bag” sequence that Cruise and his team struggles to manage to. The background score is amateurly imputed and often incongruent, the cinematography is creative, the editing is fine along with a decent camera work.

Cruise doesn’t get much range to factor in effectively, but delivers to the allotted scale with a supporting cast like Nighy and Branagh. The narration is quite non-McQuarrie probably making it the weakest of his career since it is much scattered if not dull. Singer’s execution is appreciative and is good enough to bode well to the tone but his choice of style over substance works both as a pro and con for him.

The primary reason why it doesn’t works is its calculative nature that it cannot and does not leave for its concept only is anchored to and obliged to set in the plots and characters first to attain the anticipated impact. The self-righteousness fuel that it feeds itself on, multiple characters that are fiddled like puppets by McQuarrie and Cruise at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

Valkyrie is not what we were looking for, is not what they were going for and is probably so not that the cast signed up for.

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