The Intouchables

more physical than spiritual..


The Intouchables is a character driven feature about a poised handicapped middle aged man that gets a fresher perspective in his life after he hires a living-the-life-to-the-full young man to take care of him. The structure of the premise is simple and familiar to the audience with an appealing details of the characteristics of the characters and the analysis of the relationship among them, which fortunately in here is in plethora of it.

The chemistry between the lead cast is the heart of the feature that keeps the audience tangled in its sensitive bubble despite of having ups and downs. It also is flawed and cheesy at times that shucks away the somewhat credibility it gains with tiny genuinely moving notions. It is short on technical aspects like background score, cinematography, sound department and editing although the camera work is appreciative as it manually handled that offers the viewers the aspiring personal experience.

As mentioned earlier, Cluzet and Sy has invested all their chips in, and it pays more than well enough to keep the audience rooting for their friendship. As much as compelling the storytelling is, in its primary track, the rest of the plot and characters are left undercooked and chalky that aches you till the last frame of the feature.

Ticking for almost two hours, it easily stretches its way down the road to offer a moot and expected point with a familiar zeal that actually ignited the whole concept. The husbandry gags that are imputed in order to make the relationship more rich that enhances it to a more sensible ground and the gripping screenplay that enfolds guilty pleasures for the viewers are the high points of the feature.

The Intouchables may not be accurately titled if considered its existence, that is more physical than spiritual, contrary to what makers claims it to be.

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