The Hunter

that good old family drama..


The Hunter is a character driven feature about an assassin traveling through newer boundaries to finish the allotted task.

The tiny tricks and tactics that is not only slick but much simpler and sensible that if not anything but sets the bar wisely. It uses its props to speak volumes along with the physical sequences unlike carrying out the information through verbal sparrings; leave all that, it even draws out most of the investigation through painting.

The slow pill in here isn’t the makers conveying a message with panache and milking its characters, but is essential for its all the crispiness. The background score is poorly scored, the sound effects aren’t that impressive, the art designing is questionable, the cinematography is typical and the editing is decent.

Dafoe’s relationship with the children in here are the real gem of the features as it is sweet and tender and helps ground such an eerie material which usually may take some time to connect with the viewers. Dafoe’s writhing performance is what fuels this feature entirely justifying his stardom on this indie drama. The narrative is elaborative and not at all stretchy with few subtle notions that may grow louder but never pretentious.

Despite of being set in a pathos world, the poignancy never communicates as the stakes aren’t convoluted but sensible enough to cheat its way out and still won’t feel like being cheated. Few sequences are shot beautifully but Nettheim’s execution isn’t thoroughly convincing. The innocence of the relationship brewed among Dafoe and the children and his stellar performance are the high points of the feature.

The Hunter doesn’t change a dime on cinema but its impactful yet weary eyes that it stares you with, might leave you shook and rooting more for that good old family drama.

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