The Great Train Robbery

the special queue..


The Great Train Robbery is a character driven thriller about a heist pulled off by a team on a running train. The feature is brimmed with tiny notions and tactics that steals away one’s attention that is not only slick but smarter than one usually gets from such genres.

The feature is much simpler and executed with conviction which is always safe to go for rather than implanting a convoluted concept and eerie perspective with unexplainable twists and turns that are mostly carried out to draw in the audience. Annoyingly, for the most part of the feature the subjective procedure is depicted which is often impactful, but with a calculative script like such that spends most of its time on setting up the plots and characters, that shucks away the intensity and uncertainty.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, sound department, cinematography and editing. Connery adapts the character aptly and his three dimensional take on it makes it much more appealing along with a decent support from hilarious Sutherland with his slick one liners. There are few sequences installed in so perfectly that it leaves the viewers in an awe of it on its excellence of weaving out on a large glorifying scale.

The adaptation by Crichton is layered and adaptive but lacks the essential grippiness that could have been much more impressive. But with a knowledge on withholding the cards on his execution skills, Crichton respects both his material and characters equally. The ruggedness oozing from each character that is foliated by the poised reputation among the society, the enthralling heists at the heart of it and the crisp that keeps the tale alive are the high points of the feature.

The Great Train Robbery is a plausible act but it has nothing of whatsover merit to stand on “the special queue”.

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