The Beguiled

as much as smaller it gets..


The Beguiled is a character driven drama about an all-girls school that struggles vigorously after a wounded man arrives knocking on the door.

Coppola’s world in here is brimmed with all the negative emotions i.e. from jealousy to betrayal, and this factors in majorly on latter stages, when an innocently brewd poignancy barges in amidst all the hatred and elevates the tale into a whole new level.

Addition to that, the subjective procedure that it follows isn’t rudimentary but fresh with a newer structure and with unseen stakes that communicates to a point where the audience wishes to move the puzzles but in the end is inevitable. And this is where Coppola’s experience paint in those bright colors that fiddles with viewers’ emotions. The credit goes to stellar performances too, that helps express these concept on screen. The background score barely factors in but cinematography and editing is decent enough to make it work.

The adaptation is gripping and smart that consumes each characters’ perspective in, within 90 minutes of runtime. Farrell’s character stands out alone and so does his performance along with Kidman’s edgy and darker portrayal whilst Dunst’s a bit mellower one. The primary reason why it is scary at times is that it barely offers in any outside help to the characters, the bubble gets evil as much as smaller it gets.

Draining down all the possibilities takes most of the time on the screen, in order to reach into a non-feasible narrower last act which is disappointing as much as pathos it is. The emotions iterated in each characters and early humorous acts and gripping tight screenplay are the high points of the feature.

The Beguiled is not Coppola’s best trick but it certainly is far better than its previous one and progress is always appreciative.

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