Super 8

music and slangs..


Super 8 is a plot driven sci-fi thriller about a bunch of guys accidentally crossing the path of an incident that changes their lives forever. The feature is engaging throughout the course where it is busy through each perspective and yet never gets congested keeping the audience tangled in its mythological bubble.

It is flat out hilarious brimmed with tiny notions that easily draws out the chuckle and with Abrams behind the screen, he is well aware of the frame that is been projected in front of the audience. The conversations are pragmatic and can easily be resonated with one’s own experience especially the constant bickering and sarcastic verbal sparrings depicted while a group hangs out.

It is fast paced with tightly packed screenplay that hits hard and fast with impactful sequences that leaves you mesmerized. The background score is up lifting with sharp sound effects, decent cinematography, well crafted visual effects and fine editing. The performance by the younger cast works for the most part of it but the only one that stands out, is Fanning who has captured her character aptly.

The reason why it aces, on blending in these plethora of emotions, is how it shifts from one phase to another and the credit goes to no one but Abrams. The script grows gritty and more intense as it ages on screen and even though it goes as anticipated the euphoric energy never wears off i.e. from first frame to the last one.

The writer-director Abrams’s passionate project is a slam dunk on every aspect of the cinematic experience it offers. 70’s references of music and slangs, gripping screenplay and Abrams’s much smarter world than we usually get, are the high points of the feature.

Super 8 is a throwback to those Spielberg sci-fi genre and more importantly it is thoroughly entertaining.

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