binds this scattered script..


Suffragette is a character driven historical drama about a bunch of women who fought for equal rights. The feature excels on weaving its structure perfunctorily where it not only takes its material seriously but respects the mannerism it ought to portray and the repercussions that it actions will breed.

It is neither manipulative and nor pretentious which is often the case, when it overrides it materials for viewers’ attention. Addition to that, all the calculatively risks goes in its favor especially the amount of time it takes to build up the high pitched dramatic sequences, it may be slow but it is palpable to the premise.

So where does it go wrong? Amidst all these many careful steps that it takes, it gets lost in the smoke as it fails to glorify these moments to offer the cinematic experience to the viewers where the communication ought to be blamed.

It is rich on technical aspects like costume design, camera work and editing, although is short on cinematography and background score. Gavron’s abhorrent bubble is well constructed and finely detailed where her brilliant execution skills binds this scattered script.

The writing may be adaptive and essential but certainly isn’t layered or gripping for it to let the audience care for it. Mulligan’s genuinely moving portrayal fuels this period drama on nothing but merit as she has the potential to hold the audience through her neat expressive emotions.

Carter is decently supportive as always along with Wishaw but the show stealer in here is Duff’s hyperactive and emotional character. The pragmatic conversations and conflicts served up with moving performance by the cast are the high points of the feature.

Suffragette is undeniably an essential feature and a wake up call especially at such crucial time but on terms of craft there unfortunately isn’t much to explore for either the cast or the audience.

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