Only Lovers Left Alive

mere sweet emotions..


Only Lovers Left Alive is a character driven romantic drama about two bloodsuckers whose immortal life has led them wiser and more closer than ever no matter how much tired they get, from life itself. The chemistry between Hiddleston and Swinton is throughly competent and satisfactory to the core to fuel this complex and thought out drama.

Not only the concept is potentially creative but that idea is never taken for granted, the storytelling may be gnarly but its ability to meddle with contradictory emotions and nature like positive and negative, is just bravado of work. The background score is stunningly scored, the songs are aptly motivating, the composing is beautifully performed, the production and art designing is plausible with mature camera work, amazing cinematography and fine editing.

Hiddleston is reserved and confidence with looks in his eyes that is enough to portray the love for his better half, that is Swinton in here who too is performing her career’s one of the best portrayal along with bratty Wasikowska and as Swinton mentions, “sweet” Yelchin. The jagged script with an eye on the horizon structure that not only helps keep things short but also tugs out all the commercial aspects of it leaving the audience with all the nutritious husky bits that is just mesmerizing to encounter.

And with such a script on his mind, Jarmusch is practically reciting poem through his metaphorical execution skills that he tosses in each of those sequences that are layered and thought provoking. The innocence behind the love track between the lead characters, the gem like moments depicted to project their relationship and the stake at the heart that makes the viewers bleed and breathe are the high points of the feature.

In a bubble of pathos mechanism, Only Lovers Left Alive is just pure innocence brewed with mere sweet emotions.

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