the genres gets culminated into a poetry..


Melancholia is a character driven sci-fi drama about the chemistry between two sisters that gets challenged after a celestial body enters the path of Earth and is about to result into a collision. Such an eerie concept draws the viewers in, where both the genres gets culminated into a poetry that is not only layered and thought provoking but also rhymes and that’s just a cherry on top of all. Just the blending of both the genre itself is a visual galore where it was never in need of any visual effects.

The background score is mysteriously beautiful, the cinematography is metaphorical, the sound effects are sharp, the visual effects are eye popping along with the perfect editing and stunning camera work that offers the viewers personal experience. The sinister ideology in here is mutilated by the innocence installed in each characters and is wrapped under so many layers, that it may take more than a Layman’s mind to calculate its magnitude.

It is also utterly bold to the core since Trier isn’t compromising on any whatsoever substance, he might not care about the panache with which it ought to foliate, for he is well aware of the bravura of his glorifying work. And his confidence never seduces his passion, the euphoric energy and his thorough investment on each frame is what makes it electrifying; it is his tale and his alone.

Dunst is convincing for the most part of it with Sutherland supporting throughout the course but the show stealer in here is Gainsbourg at the heart of it whose achingly good performance makes the viewers writhe on their seat. The horizon where its simplicity and complexity meets, the poetic tone that soars the entire two hours and reckless background score that stays with you even after leaving the screen are the high points of the feature.

Melancholia is a pure art whose weaving of the tale behind the stage is much more mesmerizing than the actual visuals.

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