a mirror of ours..


Mandy is a character driven horror thriller depicting a revenge natured plot after a couple’s mundane life is snatched by a group of sinisters. Set in a parallel world, the tale is eerily more mythological than sci-fi and Cosmatos’s grasp over such malleable conspired theories amps up this gore for 2 hours. The project is undeniably an act of love and passion towards the horror genre that never wears off.

The harrowing creatures, literal bloodbath, an angry mob mentality and tiny other such notions that it is brimmed with, filter out its audience easily. But amidst all these hokum formulas of Cosmatos, their lies a poetic tone that soars throughout the course of the feature and is what makes it more human. This visual galore fiddles with sparkling intense colors that speaks metaphorically to depict its more animated version.

It also takes few things a bit too far, that may make you cringe on your seat with disturbing ideologies and horrendous methodologies that leaves a long lasting impression on you; it’s definitely not a tale you’ll easily forget. The richness on technical aspects is what elevates this simplistic concept with sharp sound effects, detailed art designing, stunning visual effects, metaphorical cinematography and an-old-comic-feel-like background score that sends you back to your childhood cartoon days.

It aces on projecting the stakes and emotions of the characters through an emotional bridge in order to communicate fluently like when Cage almost drinks an entire bottle of pure alcohol despite his throat burns. Cosmatos’s narration is also dependent a lot upon the performance then be it silent pitches or intriguing monologues. If Cage’s rage gives you goosebumps then so does Riseborough’s heartbreaking performance where she steals the show within the allotted screen time.

The first half has a lot of potential, it is layered, it speaks honestly and its concept is much higher and mature than we usually get. Unfortunately, the second half is a bit low on ingenuity since its closure barrs its newer territories and till then the makers are slaves to its closure. Also, the series of mind-numbing tricks and cheats and weapons and tactics and deaths and bloodsucking calorific values, shucks away the earned respect in its initial stages.

The inexpressive passion that each frame screams, the visual delight wrapped with ordeal images and a mythical allegory that is set afar from our world and is still a mirror of ours, are the high points of the feature. The linguistics fabrication of colors is the strongest vision of all and Cosmatos chooses a horror genre to teach us that; what an amazing lesson it is. His undying thirst is what fuels his execution skills where even the simplistic act is pulled off with such panache that it leaves you in an awe of it.

Mandy is a bonafide tale stamped by blood and sweat and you will be able to see it, it’s the makers job to make you and he triumphs with a huge margin. Don’t treat it lightly, for Mandy surely won’t treat you mildly, it’s an honest tale that shouldn’t and doesn’t compromise.

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