Killing Them Softly

its mean street version..


Killing Them Softly is a character driven dramatic thriller about a part time killer hired to wipe out minor issues that started creating havoc in the criminal world. The structure of the script is distributed in various dramatic sequences that is almost long as an act; a wise choice by the writers to keep the substance flow and the audience tangled in its mean street bubble.

It is surprisingly hilarious with bits of tiny notions that draws out chuckle every now and then. The songs are aptly edited and installed, the art designing is of sweat drop precision, the choreography of the physical sequences is mesmerizing and the sound effects are sharp along with jaw dropping cinematography, fine editing and decent background score.

The conversations are pragmatic and weaved out like never before where in an action thriller like such, the audience starts rooting for those benign immature conversations. Pitt is reserved and lethal as always with a bit distracted Liotta, convincing Jenkins, hilarious duo McNairy and Mendelsohn and Gandolfini delivering unflinchingly as always.

Dominik offers enough range and space to these characters and milks out the best from the cast of caliber like such. Armed with such an elaborative script Dominik’s action definitely speaks louder with stunning sequences executed that leaves a long lasting impression.

Whilst pulling off such raw gut wrenching script, the political satire unfortunately gets lost amidst all the whimsical notes and explosives, even though they bring it back to that point the audience couldn’t care less for it, till then. The pragmatic conversations, electrifying dramatic sequences and Pitt amping up the heart are the high points of the feature.

Killing Them Softly is an homage to those Scorsese’s mean street crime world and on that note, it is a tremendous success, beyond that it probably is gripping at best.

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