never less than a “check”..


Fracture is a plot driven courtroom drama among a lawyer at its prime prosecuting an already confessed guilty who now is defending his case with no whatsoever experience. It is surprisingly hilarious with much more mature humor installed in with suave note that it never seems forced and cheeky. The narration is fast paced with tightly packed screenplay that is gripping if not layered and thoroughly entertaining for its runtime.

Amidst all these highly pitched dramatic sequences it fails to draw out the emotions especially concerning the relations and chemistry since the frustration and the irritation described and portrayed for the protagonist communicates clearly. The background score is exhilarating if not scored extraordinarily and along with decent cinematography and fine editing, the boat floats safely on technical aspects.

Gosling is vulnerable but still resists it on each frame against the master Hopkins whose reputation is justified in here with a cunning script and slick chess moves that were never less than a “check”. The script aces on enfolding newer territories and bold turns and choices that it makes which is not only to bedazzle the viewers but also justifies it considering each perspective.

Hoblit’s execution might be decent and palpable to its tone but what stands out in here, is the world created by him that feeds itself on nothing but nature and that is something which doesn’t come often. The only thing that itches throughout the course is the procedure through which the makers either rush up or skips few beats. The gripping screenplay, the enthralling high stakes through which it conveys its subject and Gosling’s stellar performances are the high points of the feature.

Fracture not only breaks but shatters expectations that results into never wearing off euphoric energy for the viewers, actors and makers.

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