can be a diplomatic..

Cocktail is a plot driven romantic drama about a guy going the distance with no bars held in order to achieve fame and success in a snap. It’s various acts itself are filtered out with its own theme and frankly none of them blends in, none of them makes sense. The songs are uplifting with a sizzling theme that oozes smoothness but has poor cinematography, amateur camera work and dull editing.

Those cheap dialogues, shallow monologues, cheesy moves and weaving of unnecessary sequences that reeks commercial cinema in order to lure the audience in, gives away the tone of the feature within first few minutes. The bartending skills that Cruise adapts, his euphoric energy and all the lyrical songs performed makes it entertaining for the first act. And as it ages on screen, it makes less and less sense with its banal ideology to a point where the viewers finds itself waiting for the closure of the makers.

It is a tale that expects you to keep your hands up and feel surrendered all the time in order to have a time of your life just like the characters are having, but if whatsoever sense kicks in even the smartest of all character, it is pretty Layman in this world. Cruise’s energy is what fuels this teenager flick where his enthusiastic chants like “positive, positive thinking..” is genuinely hopeful to us, it’s a completely different thing that it is shattered into bits latter.

Neither the structure nor earthiness that it aspires to foliate onto screen is worthy enough to brew the sincerity out of this “patch up and move on” characters. Cruise humming few songs, Coughlin’s law and its ludicrous intensed last act that actually makes fun of itself and draws in most of the laughs are the high points of the feature.

Cocktail is set in a world of “black and white” figurines, it neither is nor can be a diplomatic.

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