Broken City

easily be underlined..


Broken City is a plot driven political thriller about the tricks and cheats between the cops and politicians of the city that is drunk in corruption. Amidst all the ramblings of the current society and political conditions, the essential husky bits somehow can easily be underlined, which takes away the mystery out of this raw dark tale.

To manipulate these many characters on screen, is not a piece of cake and the makers in here fails to move them around like puppets and as it grows essential after a while to pull off such a heist as it fails to bind all these incidents together in one act, where the editing too is to be blamed.

The hidden cards up the sleeves are neither impressive nor worth the amount of work and time it consumes. Wahlberg’s character is too loud to read and isn’t performed well enough to make it intriguing enough to keep the viewers invested. Crowe’s reserved portrayal backfires and Jones fails to change even a dime.

The script is brimmed with cliches with every benign twists and turns and familiar structure that is clearly off putting. The background score is non existent as in it fails to factor in effectively, whilst the camera work and theme doesn’t demand attention at all, in fact if anything it even fails to convince the viewers for a second look.

Armed with Tucker’s narrow minded script, Hughes’s hands are tied to visit newer territories on execution. Few tiny notions amongst all the fame and controversies, the practicality of the corrupted city and Wright’s decent support are the only high points of this sunken feature.

Broken City is a juvenile remake of those 70’s political thriller, polished with none whatsoever finesse for it to create a long lasting impression or even a mediocre impact.

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