A History Of Violence

mannerism foliates its space and crowdedness equally..


A History Of Violence is a character driven dramatic thriller about a guy whose hidden past haunts him back to his family after he leaves his street credit behind.

The feature is surprisingly fast and utterly exhilarating to the core with its street ruggedness and raw brutality that grounds this stunning craft. The range of its narrative is fascinatingly wide and it excels on each peak moments that it dares to achieve. It is sharply calm with a jagged script behind the screen that is slowly ticking along with it which when hits its allotted frame, it explodes emotionally that leave an everlasting impact on you.

The background score is decent, the sound effects are sharp and aptly loud, the art designing may not be in its A game, the cinematography is stunning and so is its fine editing. Despite of resonating tremendously with practicality, it glorifies its malleable mythological characters with such panache that leaves the audience in an awe of it.

Mortensen is poised, reserved and profoundly calm in its horrifying portrayal with Harris supporting convincingly as always and Hurt giving some of his career’s best work in here. Olsen’s adaptation tells a compelling gritty tale whose mannerism foliates its space and crowdedness equally.

And armed with a script as such Cronenberg executes the anticipated vision on screen with his finesse and a bit of pepper added in it, that makes it raunchy. The short screenplay enfolding characters and eye popping decisions which is also justifying to the core as much as entertaining it is, along with a stellar performances by a cast of such caliber are the high points of the feature.

A History Of Violence has a plethora of emotional distress in here to keep the tense environment alive among the characters and the hook that binds them all.

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