The Bridges Of Madison County

this electrifying tale..


The Bridges Of Madison County is a character driven romantic drama about a strange and unique friendship that takes place within four days.

The chemistry between the lead cast is the primary reason why there is such pulsating energy emitting from this electrifying tale. The crisp and the uneasiness is bred, without any flirty talks and the way it surfs around the edgy with a shady note, is stupendously breathtaking. The attraction depicted in here plays a vital role and the makers being aware of the strength of the cast, milks it out from them that lures the viewers in, in its innocent bubble. The background score is mesmerizing, the cinematography is pure magic with fine editing and well detailed camera work.

Contrary to premise where it suggests it has a limited span to be spent upon, the feature is maturely calm and soothing where eschewing their characters appropriately, the actors cast in their spells in a subtle tone. The narration is adaptive, elaborative and exquisite with gripping screenplay and pragmatic conversations.

Sculpted to communicate for subsequent generation, the tale speaks volume metaphorically in those calm silent pitches that is harrowing and heartwarming at the same time. Streep is a revelation in her convoluted and unsure portrayal that is probably one of her best and underrated performance and on the other hand Eastwood is poised and reserved, supporting her thoroughly in each aspect.

LaGravanese’s exquisite adaptation gets better execution than anticipated from Eastwood’s deck and is probably his finest act. The poem that flows fluently across the entire feature, a stunningly beautiful tale and stellar performances at the heart of it are the high points of the feature.

The Bridges Of Madison County is a rare art where its poignancy is naturally cathartic for its innocence foliated through chivalrous allegory.

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