When Harry Met Sally..

a sophisticated love track..


When Harry Met Sally is a character driven romantic drama about two platonic friends who struggles to see the affection for each other. The chemistry is decent enough to charm their way out, but fortunately it doesn’t need to since its writing is the protagonist in itself.

The flirty talk, hilarious topics and references, makes the pragmatic conversations thoroughly entertaining and electrifying. Addition to that, Crystal’s comic timing and Ryan’s support to him, blends in aptly. The structure of the feature is newer and fresh that is respected equally as much as the characters have been.

The little nuances like fiddling with the props around the scene and a brief love track narrated by various couple in an interview is just pure delight. Reiner’s world is brimmed with such sweet innuendos that makes it utterly pleasing with a big smile on the face that stays with the audience long after the curtain drops.

The background score is a bit disappointing along with the sound department although the cinematography (like the phone call between Harry and Sally) play a vital role in storytelling and has fine editing.

It is shot with bright and light colors spread across the whole screen that is appealing for the viewers from the first frame. As mentioned earlier, the performance is decent if not anything extraordinary especially by the lead cast Crystal and Ryan.

Reiner’s execution is unfortunately chalky around the edges but with a sincere heart at the center of it, it sails off the shore safely. Smart and funny conversation, simple and sensible track and, a safer perspective are the high points of the feature.

When Harry Met Sally is a sophisticated love track on context of its subjective procedure that even respects the space of audience.

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