its perpetual winning scoreboard..


Invincible is a character driven biographical sport drama about a guy who runs on merit and passion for football for a team who isn’t ready to accept his fate. Ticking for around 100 minutes, the feature isn’t fast paced but charms its way out with ease. And the credit goes to its fluent writing that isn’t distracted by any of the commercial aspects.

It feels more personal because it is more grounded, brimmed with tiny little mutual notions which helps to connect with the audience instantly. Having said that, it doesn’t suggest in any way that it is a smarter tale than one usually gets in such genres.

It runs on plethora of cliches and familiar structure but on its own mediocrity, it is thoroughly entertaining. When the makers focuses on behind the stage activities, that procedure is somehow the real gem of the feature. It may be short on technical aspects like background score and editing but has decent enough cinematography to respect its game.

The theme of the feature is eerily palpable to the earthiness of the streets and the field and with sharp sound effects it offers the anticipated experience of the field to the audience. Wahlberg is calm and focused and has invested a lot in its passionate project and fortunately the hard work pays off whilst Banks and Kinnear’s undercooked characters are one of the weakest link.

Gann’s script requires creativity and clearer vision but with an eye on the horizon Core’s execution is genuine enough to make it to the end line with a score point in his hand. Nail-biting dramatic games, the ruggedness and the personal and more manual version of the makers of such genre are the high points of the feature.

Invincible is not a game changer but it keeps the audience hooked in its perpetual winning scoreboard.

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