Fish Tank

you cannot not believe it..


Fish Tank is a character driven drama about a girl whose perspective changes as his mother starts dating a new man.

The feature excels on wisely using its props and surrounding of a scene where the maker speaks volume through it. The music plays a vital role in here that is not only metaphorically foliated but celebrated on mellow terms. If background score is non-existent, its up beating and rhythmic songs are more than enough to satisfy the music goers.

The cinematography is metaphorical and the camera work is manually handled which offers a more personal experience to the viewers that easily communicates. The bonding between Fassbender and Jarvis is of tease and cheat nature that is depicted from scratch in here.

And since the journey of it is fueled with uncertainty that leaves a crispiness in the air that helps keep the audience tangled in its pathos bubble. All the dance based sequences are beautifully shot and each represents different emotion that runs like a poem across the entire feature.

The conversations are pragmatic, the characters are three-dimensional and the writing is smart and mature with a knack for drawing out the emotion from the audience and leave no barr, for the feelings you are left in here after the curtain drops, isn’t easy to explain. It is unflinchingly bold and justifying to the core, no matter where the plot track might end.

As much as visually alluring it is, there are few shots that are inedible and may make you cringe on your seat. Jarvis’s portrayal of a teenager is apt whilst Fassbender is cunningly reserved. Visual aesthetic on storytelling, stellar performances and a poetic tone are the high points of the feature.

Fish Tank is a rare art that is no cinema but a gut-wrenching fictitious tale told with such panache that you cannot not believe it.

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