Date Night

it is purely benign and frankly off putting..

Date Night is a plot driven comic feature about a married couple who are fed up by compromising on little things and are ready to push the boundaries to recreate the fire between them. The makers wisely didn’t install any forced humor that usually makes the viewers cringe on screen.

It has made truce with its script that is intriguing enough to keep the audience invested in it. The weaving of the structure takes place on the screen in front of the audience and it is purely benign and frankly off putting.

It not only takes away the heat from the material but neither breeds sincerity or crisp for it to draws even a chuckle. The physical comedy too fails disastrously in here leaving the makers cornered to rely upon the comic timing of the lead cast.

The rapid ramblings of the lead couple whenever they are in trouble and their references and their charm to pull off awkward conversation is something to rely upon. Speaking of which they make less and less sense as it ages on screen, the dialogue grows cheesy and the conversations grows daft.

It is short on technical aspects like background score, sound department, cinematography and editing and basically everything. It is poorly executed with a distracted vision and disruptive tone where the director Levy isn’t even convincing the viewers for a second look.

The performance is surprisingly dull and uneven throughout the course of it where neither Carell’s awkwardness nor Tina’s goofiness helps the feature. All the cameos fails to create the anticipated magic on screen as they literally aren’t offered any material to feed off the audience.

Date Night is contrary to its genre, a poignant and disappointing feature especially since it comes from the loved and respected cast who actually seems to have excelled with merit on such genre.

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