Away We Go

no flirty talks in this love story..


Away We Go is a character driven drama about a couple who are about to have a kid and are completely lost on how and what their future is going to be. The chemistry is heartwarming and pure magic where both the lead cast have invested sincerely and equally that shows great result.

The range of the feature is its strength, from being humorous to intense drama, there is a sense of familiarity that smells home. It is surprisingly hilarious without any sketchy sequences and without any forcibly imputed humor, it is slick fun ride.

Even though the structure is divided upon various sequences, the feature flows fluently whose credit undeniably goes to Mendes’s masterful skills and experience. Each supporting cast or arguably guest cast gets enough range and room to leave their quirky impression on the viewers.

It is short on technical aspects like camera work and background score, although the cinematography is mesmerizing along with fine editing. The performance is off the charts with Krasinski and Rudolph in lead portraying a sensible yet hilarious couple along with an amazing supporting cast like Janney, Daniels and Gyllenhaal.

There are no barrs restraining the track, it flows boldly brimmed with plethora of emotions that it offers along the way in this soothing ride. There are no flirty talks in this love story, it is practical, it is ironic, it is quirky and it is layered.

Mendes’s execution is a genuine work of art and armed with such an adaptive script from Vida and Eggers. The evolved love track, few one liners, slick humor and stellar performance are the high points of the feature.

Away We Go breathes a mature take on the simplistic episode of our life, and through its various side characters it speaks volume.

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