changed by the ones who are affected by it..


Syriana is a character driven political thriller about an oil industry whose fate is not only left up to the ones that runs it but is changed by the ones who are affected by it. Distributed in multiple acts, the script is surprisingly gripping and keeps the audience on the edge of the seat.

And even though it doesn’t flow naturally as it should, the editing is quite impressive as the narration never loses its way. Ticking for two hours, and following few characters with multiple intervals, it may feel like an overstretched view and a far fetched concept.

But it’s layered and thought provoking ideology which it depicts through metaphorical incidents with crossover of characters and jaw dropping sequences, the feature sticks its landing safely. Gagham’s projection of humane emotions might be accurate but is also poignant since it dwells on the darker side of the coin which may not be edible for everyone.

The background score is pretty much flat with sharp sound effects and amazing cinematography and fine editing. The camera work is decently handled with stunning live locations that projects cultures and eye-popping cringing graphics whose credit goes to fine art designing.

Clooney is doing some of his career’s best work in here with Damon’s calm and focused portrayal, Plummer’s cunning smart act and Wright’s survival spirit, all of it blending in aptly and delivering the anticipated performance from such huge cast.

Gagham’s adaptation is smart and adaptive and far better than his execution skills since it fails to close any sequence appropriately. Layered screenplay, accurate depiction on cultural insights and Clooney at the heart of it are the high of the feature.

The craft Syriana is brimmed with, is how to foliate news into an effective and essential act, it may come with cons, but there are lots of pros.

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