Stand By Me

its beauty and horror..


Stand By Me is a character driven drama about a group of guys leaving for an adventure without any supervision into the wild nature which changes them through its beauty and horror. As the premise guides you, it is layered and has a metaphorical tone that is depicted through a bunch of teenage kids which is pure masterful storytelling.

The chemistry among the characters communicates fluently and the credit goes to the writer who installs these little tactics that can easily resonate with each generation. The structure doesn’t divide itself into various acts, it’s just a big marvelous adventure of love, laugh and life. The writing is adaptive and strong with humorous sketchy bits that never leaves the bridge of practicality.

It follows probably the best structure of the script as in, it starts funny and light and then grows a bit sensitive and sensible with a heartfelt ending that echoes through the audience even after one leaves the screen. The background score may not be up to the mark but the cinematography and editing is purely magical in here.

Devouring the nature in each aspects, the camera work is beautiful with stunning visuals and mesmerizing location that helps foliate it. Having said that, it also has a poignancy that can be inedible for the viewers and some boldy essential questions are raised too.

The young cast shows some promising skills, if doesn’t go as anticipated it certainly works, the performance is in safe hands. Reiner’s execution delivers unflinchingly in here and shows tremendous amount of finesse with the help of explicit adaptation. Teenage bonding, stunning visuals and a poetic tone are the high points of the feature.

Stand By Me is not one’s typical teenager feature, it speaks to all generations and has the potential to walk through decades.

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