Notting Hill

might vary and fluctuate..


Notting Hill is a character driven rom-com about an ordinary bookkeeper that falls in love with a highly controversial celebrity. As such genre requires, the chemistry among the lead cast is out of the park whose credit undeniably goes to the stellar performances.

Despite of ticking for around two hours, the feature is immensely busy with characters and their sub-plots which is completely competent to the core. The slick humor that is imputed with such nuance that it never feels forced and the tale flows fluently in front of us.

Addition to that, it never goes cheesy or sketchy or unnecessarily poignant to manipulate and draw out emotions through it. Curtis, the writer had few windows to manipulate the viewers with the help of his pathos characters but instead keeps the priority of storytelling up front.

The writing is sharp, adaptive and gripping with a humane touch that helps keep its pragmatic characters more grounded. The music plays a major role in here with some aptly installed songs that elevates the momentum and doesn’t stretch its way too. A decent background score, fine editing, casual costume designing but is unfortunately short on cinematography.

It is shot beautifully with light and breezy environment that is appealing to the viewers from the first frame and is maintained with flirty talks and actually stardom. As mentioned earlier, the performance objective is safe and sound with Grant’s sensible and hilarious performance and Robert’s emotionally challenged one that is supported amazingly by Ifans and Bonneville.

The director Michelle’s execution might vary and fluctuate but the script by Curtis picks it up every time it falls down. Few hilarious one-liners, complex characters and stellar performances are the high points of the feature.

Notting Hill is the card from the deck where there resided such multiple magical rom-coms which at this era seems to go extinct.

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